Welcome to the LHM KIDZ Group! 

"As we continue to adapt and change to these days of living within a pandemic world, we here at Living Hope Minsitries are committed to providing a safe and fun filled atmosphere online for the children of our congregation. Below you will find some more information regarding our secure Facebook Group that is set up with tools for our families here at LHM." ~ Pastor Rob


If you are new to Living Hope Ministries or you are looking for our childrens ministry information,  if you click here you will be redirected to a secure Facebook group that we have set up for our children and their parents to have Sunday School resources. This page only has members on it of those who are affilated and attend Living Hope Ministries. We constantly are checking on the groups membership to ensure your childrens safety and security. 


While you are on the Group we encourage you to interact with one another and share what you have learned from the weekly lessons so Sis. Susie & Sis. Bernice can keep up with and continue to encourage all of the children of LHM. This group contains Bible studies, lessons and devotionals for kids from 3-16 years of age. Jump into God's word for the youth of our congregation and lets learn and share His word together! 


For more information or technical issues accessing the group please call the church office at 410-527-1020 or email Pastor Rob here and he will get back to you as soon as he can. 

Thank you for coming and joining the LHM KIDZ group on Facebook, we pray this will be a blessing to your family!